24 July 2014


As you can see I'm doing a bit of construction on the blog layout. The old one never really sat well with me, it never matched up with the type of content I want to share here. A lot of things I wanted to try out in terms of photography, styling and using my favorite swear words fell by the wayside because it just didn't jive with the feel the layout gave the blog. Now I feel like I'm off to a fresh start. And it feels really fucking awesome.
Being completely incapable of coding, I purchased a template from the talented and helpful Maira Gall Etsy Shop. I'm still tweaking a few details, working on a spiffed up new header and I have content ideas for days. But one thing at a time.
Speaking of housekeeping, this is a picture of my living room after I spent several hours cleaning the apartment. I'm a total neat freak and my place being this clean made me dizzy with joy (or I was half drunk on Bloody Mary's--either way, I was dizzy). Bonus points for Rich because he bought me two giant bunches of peonies at the farmer's market and only made me repeat myself twice when I told him what kind of flowers I wanted.
"Tee hee you said peonies." Thanks, babe.

21 July 2014


Happy, Honey & Lark is currently under construction, thanks for reading while its still in progress!
A few months ago Trademark caught my eye on Pinterest with their Spring 14 collection and I remember thinking this is exactly how I want to dress. Casual, but sophisticated enough for the office with a minimal feel and comfortable look. Barely a hint of skin, nothing revealingly clingy and not a high heel in sight. This is a brand that keeps the girl who likes to walk in mind. These are the kind of clothes I envision a New York girl (like myself) wearing to feel equally as cool if she were visiting Paris or her parents out in the suburbs. Its also not going to break the bank: priced similarly to French Connection, JCrew and Kate Spade Saturday, this line isn't unobtainable but its not fast fashion either.
Looking ahead to chilly days and kicking around fallen leaves here are some of my favorites from the Fall/14 Trademark lookbook. Classic autumnal pieces like knee length navy skirts and camel colored coats are seamlessly mixed with muted turquoise, periwinkle and cream with shots of red throughout. One of the goals set forth by the founders, Pookie and Louisa Burch was to take an artistic approach to fashion with keen attention to color. By the looks of the collection I think they're succeeding. I'll be keeping this impeccable lookbook around for styling tips come autumn. My particular favorites are the red and blue rollneck sweater and the quilted jacket from the first and second pictures.
Photos from Trademark Fall 14 Lookbook

16 July 2014

belated independence day

On the 4th of July, Rich and I were at a wedding and he was the best man. We missed out on all the festive, patriotic fun of Independence Day though. On the following Saturday we threw a bit of a belated Independence party and some of our favorite people came by.
Belated Independece Day Party
Sam baked the world's most chocolatey cupcakes (I think they were vegan too)
Belated Independece Day Party
Joe and Greg testing their sligshot skills (after this I handed the camera to Sam)
Belated Independece Day Party
More friends arrived including Lindsay and Dave R
Belated Independece Day Party
Joe and Clare being supercute
Belated Independece Day Party
Playing beer pong with All-American red cups
Belated Independece Day Party
Remi and Rich played with the Schwinn Orange Krate
Party people!
Belated Independece Day Party

05 July 2014

beach house life

I took a week off of work to lay in the sun and walk in the sand without having to think about anything but what snacks I would eat and what movie to watch at night. Since I'm so close to the ocean I didn't even have to pack a bag, my home is my beach house. Everyday has looked a little like this more or less.
Making new iced tea flavors by mixing tea bags
My favorite summer dress and reminding myself to hang the curtains in our bedroom
Biking to the beach and locking up on the boardwalk
New books and beach snacks. Just started reading Stories and Other Stories by BJ Novak, I'm not done but I've snort-laughed my way through about half. Fresh dill and lemon bean salad, cherries and berries and fresh veggies. I take my beach snacks very seriously
Rich only had to work on Monday, but I was really happy when he got home. Seven whole days together without work!
Grilling beets and things for dinner
I have several hundred recipes I want to try this week including fruity icepops, these are just sliced strawberry and coconut water. Crazy good

30 June 2014

drummers and sunflares

Time for another belated Saturday update: Two weeks ago my friend Dave's band played at Beerfields, a music/beer festival out east on Long Island. Last year I couldn't go because I was still living in the city, so I was pretty excited to get a chance this year.
I drove out with Lindsay and Dave and we made it just in time to see Non-Stop to Cairo.
Lindsay and Dave are well prepared with pretzel necklaces.
Non-Stop to Cairo

Sunset picnic behind the beer tents

Rich works in the beer industry so he had to work all day, he joined us when he was done for a nap

21 June 2014

saturday things

Last Saturday I spent the day in Queens with Sam shopping for vintage clothes and having a girls day. I got so many things I wanted for the summer like a pretty yellow blouse, a white skirt and some other things. We ended the afternoon at my favorite spot, Milkflower.
Lovely Sam.
Brussel sprout pizza with blueberry, mascarpone and toasted marshmallow gelato. Perfect.
And so I went home where Rich was grilling burgers and our friends came over to watch the World Cup.
AJ and our new neighbors.
Lindsay's laughing because when I went to take her picture I fell.
The night ended with some live music on the couch and me falling asleep.

19 June 2014


Just before the Great Hair Debacle of 2014 (as it shall henceforth be known) I bought this dusty pink hat from Asos to wear to the beach to keep my scalp from getting burnt to a crisp. Lucky timing since now I just put a cap on it so I don't have to look at my hair. I DO appreciate all the positive messages from my post about it, but for real, its such a pain to style and its generally just a bad haircut with disaster layers. Anywhoo...I'm shamefully out of practice at photographing myself for this here blog, but here was what I looked like on Tuesday for work. I'm really into styling this dress with brown leather because it makes it less "prim" and more "outdoorsy" I think. Plus of course my pink baseball cap to hide the weird baby hair sticking up everywhere, plus I love brown and pink because its a lovely color combination.
Zara dress (2012) similar here and here
Madewell tote
Steve Madden oxfords (2012) similar here
Nixon watch
ASOS dusty pink baseball cap

16 June 2014

governors ball: sky photos and blurry stages

Two weeks ago Lynn and I spent three days on a tiny island in the NYC archiapelego with about a zillion people for the Governor's Ball Music Festival. Its so disappointing when you find out that you can't bring a camera to something with so much photography potential, but thank goodness for beat up old iPhones that still manage to capture the days. The photos are mostly selfies and skies, but a few bands you can nearly make out on stage.

The first day we headed to the ferry and took silly pictures to start the day including my sort-of outfit shot in a JCrew top, second-hand store cut offs, a Fjallraven backpack, Madewell sunglasses and un-pictured beat up ballet flats.
We sat behind these two on the ferry and I thought they were cute..image
Hanging out at the entrace waiting on line, listening to Jenny Lewis playimage
On the first day we saw Jenny Lewis, caught a little bit of La Roux, listened to Phoenix from afar, Grimes, TV on the Radio and a little of Outkast before heading home.
On Day 2 we wised up and didn't miss any bands we planned to see (day 1 we got distracted by finding bathrooms and drinks). We got there early and met up with my friend from work, Ana, who took this picture of us with Lady Liberty before we gave in to being sweaty and dirty.
We saw so many bands I nearly lost count and had to refer to the line-up to even remember. Most importantly: The Strokes. We made friends in the crowd (hi Godwin!) and danced for the entire set. The best was when some kids we were talking to who told us they were 18 referred to the Strokes as "nostalgic." I'm still laughing about that one. image
Day two we saw Fitz and the Tantrums, Broken Bells, The Naked and Famous, THE STROKES, Sleigh Bells, a few Spoon songs, then we listened to Jack White while we ate dinner and to Skrillex as we waited for the ferry back to Manhattan. When we got to Penn Station we hung out at a bar waiting for the train and watching the Rangers v. the Kings in overtime. It was a pretty heartbreaking series now that its over, but watching that game under Madison Sq Garden packed with Rangers fans was pretty memorable.
Day 3, the struggle was real. We were both completely wiped out but there was so much more to see! We found Will and this cute shot got a great photobomb. We also discovered that the "cocktail tents" were NOT VIP like we had originally thought and located ourselves some fancy rum and vodka drinks which was a nice repreive from crappy beer. image
We got good and close for dancing to Foster the People
Interpol at the end of the day playing Slow Hands(and Bill Murray nodding along)
The last day we saw Wild Belle, The Head and the Heart, Foster the People and Interpol. I nearly dropped from exhaustion and we listened to Interpol's encore from the ferry line (they played Stella Was A Diver). I got home and I swear I walked around in a fog for the entire week. It was exhausting but perfect.

Anyone have any tips for getting their camera in? I just don't know what I'd do if it was confiscated at the bag check (probably turn around and leave because my camera is my baby).
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